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At Curry Den South Limited we offer creative Halal, Indian dishes delivered right to your door. If it’s a popular Halal, Indian dish, we do it, choose your favourite from our extensive delivery menu. While old favourites are popular, our chefs are always trying to improve their techniques, most notably with the Chef’s’Specials. With a menu that is influenced by traditional Halal, Indian, you're sure to find what you want to eat.

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Bermondsey, SE163TP

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tandoori chicken cooked in a very mild butter sauce and fresh cream




cooked in a mild, rich thick sauce of butter, cream and coconut

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815 reviews


  • Fabulous as always. Wouldn't use another Indian!


  • Had 'Dehli belly' next day :-(


  • Nice lamb vindaloo !


  • food amazing as always but the when i got the order i noticed that half of mango lassi has spilled all over the bag. not the greatest...


  • A mixed bag. Driver went to the wrong building and failed to provide sufficient change - not great considering part of the job means making sure the customer is charged the correct amount. The food arrived piping hot, which was v good. One of the dishes was wrong. Instead of aubergine, I received okra =/. The okra was salted to the point of being inedible and I'm a person who likes salty food! Portion sizes were a bit stingy. Lamb shashlik contained way more vegetables than lamb. There was literally a whole onion (halved) in the box. The vegetables were nicely charred, but come on this was a meat main dish, not a vegetable dish! The lamb didn't seem to be particularly charred and the texture was unpleasantly tough. Mixed starter: Chicken tikka was good, lamb kebabs were meh, other lamb was meh and tough. Portion was on the small side. Reshmi kebab: very meh and the portion was too small. Chicken korma: pretty decent. Definitely the best dish, but seeing as the others were either not great or bad, that's not saying much. Sauce had good flavour. However, the portion size was not reasonable. The box was quite literally 3/4 full of sauce. They provided salad and kebab sauce, but no bread/wraps? A bit odd. Salad and sauce appreciated though. On the positive side, the food was at a good spice level for me - I can't tolerate overly spicy food. Overall not too impressed. The food didn't taste great, but mainly the portion sizes were unreasonably small.


  • Lovely! :) Arrived in good time, still perfectly hot. Good quality meat in my Biryani, prawns were still tender in starter and main. Fresh flavours and quality; not greasy at all! Will definitely order again. Thank you!


  • Good food and enough for two days! Thanks!


  • 1 hour and a half late


  • i orderd tandoori lamb chops main meal when i recived them they were burnt so bad you could not eat them as they were burnt who ever cooked them would have seen how bad they were yet still sent them to me i have had them before from you and they were perfect lovely tasting i have had them in the curry den before really nice and cooked well but the ones i received were vile and burnt to a crisp


  • late


  • Everything was delicious. The lamb Bıryani was just amazing. Will be ordering again soon. Thank you Curry Den, Keep it up!


  • will never order again, food tasted nice but I found a piece of glass in my meal, really dangerous.


  • Such a lovely curry.


  • It is a shame that the delivery time is always re-adjusted, taking more than an hour.


  • Food was really nice and spicy my dessert was forgotten doh :o(